ATOS Klinik

The ATOS clinic has been committed to following an innovative, holistic health concept since 1991. The patient is welcomed as a guest instead of being managed as a sick person. Apart from the entire ATOS ambience, the clinic's comprehensive service profile is attractive. The close cooperation of numerous specialized medical practices guarantees complete medical care in several specialist fields.

The attractive shopping mall in the heart of Heidelberg, directly at Bismarckplatz, does not indicate at first that this is also the place where qualified specialists are treating patients with great success. But this friendly complex of buildings includes a state-of-the-art practice clinic with specialist practices, five operating rooms, three inpatient units with more than 70 beds, a restaurant and health equipment stores.

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Prof. Dr. med.
Peter Habermeyer
Dr. med. Sven Lichtenberg
Prof. Dr. med. Markus Loew
Dr. med. Petra Magosch

Fon 06221 / 983 - 180
Fax 06221 / 983 - 189

Klinik Heidelberg
D-69115 Heidelberg

+49 6221 / 9836189

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